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Student Loan Reduction For Economic Stimulation NOT the Answer!, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ October 14th, 2014



I cannot believe that the new idea for stimulating the US economy is to reduce (or eliminate) student loan debt. Well, ARNOLD (note arnold in caps) is outraged. When arnold and his wife went to college (and grad school for Mrs. arnold) the entire sum was borrowed and over less than 10 years every single dollar with interest was repaid. Did arnold enjoy paying the money back? Absolutely not! But had arnold and Mrs. arnold not gone to college (and grad school), we would not have achieved whatever level of success we have achieved. So if students do not have to pay back their student loans, why should mortgages be paid back (they don't apparently) or car loans or credit card debt or any debt whatsoever. This is completely outrageous. If the benefit of education is not enough, then maybe the students should not go to college. arnold entered the work force during a recessionary period, and was able to secure employment and was able to advance and later find subsequent employment. Maybe high school students should learn about finance and debt, so that they can better make these decisions.


The DJIA looks to be finally starting to correct. We could see a further drop of maybe 1000 points followed by a bounce back rally, then a much sharper drop.

Gold has rallied some and could make it to maybe $1400ish at best, then down to below $1000.

Oil has broken down below $90 and looks to be headed for $60 or less.

Interest rates have fallen to about 2.2% on the 10 year Treasury and could fall further before heading back up.

The dollar has been rallying nicely and looks much higher.

Real estate appears to be peaking or have peaked.

The economy continues to look weak.













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