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Zero Tolerance: Hey, Teacher – Leave Our Kids Alone!, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ August 26th, 2014



Zero Tolerance is the scourge of our nation's schools. Policies (or sometimes laws or regulations) that require teachers and/or administrators to mete out fixed punishments (usually severe) for seemingly minor infractions with no ability to adjust for the situation is a recipe for disaster. Every child is unique, and every situation involving a child is equally unique. Otherwise stated, there's a reason judges have leeway in sentencing in most legal situations.


I could list hundreds of examples of ridiculous penalties students have been made to suffer for actions most of us would not even consider to be punishable - stuff like wearing the wrong t-shirt or having the wrong computer screensaver, carrying the wrong (harmless) key fob, improperly eating a pastry, accurately completing an assignment or even potentially saving a classmates life; and now we have what might be the most ridiculous of all: suspension for being polite.


A classmate sneezes, you say "bless you," and you end up suspended.  Yes, this absurdity actually happened to a Tennessee high school student last week. And the school backed the teacher up, claiming it was "classroom disruption." Next they'll expel kids for sneezing!


This is ridiculous, and unnecessary. We should be setting an example for our children, not punishing them for doing stuff they couldn't possibly know was "against the rules". Clearly, there are some behaviors that require swift and harsh response - threatening anyone or physically harming anyone - but short of that, why treat kids like they are criminals? They're kids, and unless we want them to get the wrong message - that they ARE criminals - we should respect them instead of fearing them.




And now, arnold, with economic forecasting:

The DJIA could well reach a new all-time high (as has the S&P 500) and then at any point now we could be looking at the beginning of the next major correction.

Gold does not look as though it has any room (of significance) on the upside and should be correcting down to maybe $750.

Interest rates have stayed below 2.5% on the 10 year Treasury, but should start to rise soon.

The dollar has rallied and should continue to rally more.

Oil looks to be setting up at drop to $75 and then possibly to $60.

Real estate valuations are peaking and showing indications now of falling. Sales are falling and many markets have half or more of the properties reducing their asking prices.

The economy continues to look weak, based upon retail sales and business spending.




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