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Crime on College Campuses, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ December 16th, 2014



Last week we discussed the failings of Rolling Stone Magazine in reporting a gang-rape on the University of Virginia campus back in 2012. But what about the issue of reporting and investigating rape and other violent crime on college campuses?


Colleges, as the Rolling Stone article indicates, often attempt to deal with accused violent criminal acts internally so they can avoid reporting to the Federal Government and also so they can keep the media away. While (accuser/victim) Jackie's case might be false, many, many other cases are 100% true, yet the schools try to sweep it under their welcome mat by either expelling the accuser or the accused with no more than a "show trial" at best. This is changing, as the California legislature and Harvard University both (among others) are working to institute new policies, but the best solution would be to do what we do in the "real world": If a crime occurs on campus, call the police. That's what they're there for!


If UVA had a policy requiring any and all reports of crime - especially violent crime - be reported to local police or other proper authorities, this story would have been fully investigated and presumably either the victim's narrative would be exposed as false (or partially false) or her attackers would be arrested. This is the way the American justice system works.


There have been protests because of the Rolling Stone article, but the protests should be against the schools that hide their crime stats and don't call in the police to handle crime reports. Police are equipped to handle crime-related investigations, colleges and universities are not. College students do not give up their basic Constitutionally-given rights just to attend a university, and they should never be put in a position where simply reporting a horrific crime be grounds for their own expulsion.




And now arnold has economic forecasting:

The DJIA has started to correct, but it may very well test the highs again before falling significantly.

Oil has dropped below $60 and should have a bounce back up to between $65 and $72 or so, before testing $40 on the downside.

Gold is surprisingly still over $1200 and looks lower to about $1000.

Interest rates have continued to slide with the 10 year Treasury at just over 2%.

The dollar continues to be strong and should get stronger.

Real estate pricing still looks to have peaked in virtually every market.

The economy continues to look weak to me.


From conversations with many people in the past several weeks, the reason for the oil collapse is not really clear. Let arnold attempt to assist you. Oil prices have collapsed because of very weak demand caused by a worldwide recession/depression depending on the country. The only major country presently not in recession/depression is the United States and the US will be in a recession (or worse) by the end of 2015. Those who believe that oil will perform as it did in 2008/2009 when oil dropped from $147 to the mid $30 range and then shot back up to $100 again will be very disappointed. Oil will trade in a $35 to $80 range, mostly $40 to $60 once oil settles down.











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