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Control of Senate in 2014 Means Nothing for Winning Presidency in 2016, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ October 28th, 2014



The elections are coming one week from today and there are many prognostications that the Republicans will win the Senate. Further, this (to MSNBC and others state) mandates that the Democrats (read Hillary) will take the Presidency in 2016. Of course, even if the Democrats keep the Senate, that means that the Democrats will take the Presidency in 2016 (according to MSNBC). Well, at this point in time; clearly it is impossible to predict what party will win in 2016, since we do not have the slightest idea of who the candidates will be. Most likely each party's candidate is not someone who is on our radar screen right now (like Barack Obama in 2008; Bill Clinton in 1992; and others). In 2008, Hillary was inevitable, yet she wasn't. For the Republicans, Romney appears inevitable, yet he isn't either.


The DJIA could still have a minor new high before a major correction ensues.

Gold may have a slight rise (up to maybe $1400) before a major decline to test $1000.

Oil looks to be $60 or less before mid-2015.

The dollar looks much stronger into 2016.

Interest rates continue to hold steady. At some point soon they will rise significantly.

Real estate appears to have peaked in most markets.

The economy continues to look weak, though sales for some public companies have started to rise somewhat.




















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