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Pre-Election Poll Shows America’s Biggest Concerns, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ October 21st, 2014



From time to time, I like to check what Gallup polling says are the top problems facing America. A new poll taken October 12 - 15 and released just today reveals both Main Street concerns going into the midterm elections next month and also the continued ignorance of those concerns by the very elected officials who will be either hired or fired in the election.


Economic issues make up the largest block - the economy in general, unemployment/jobs, federal budget deficit/federal deficit, lack of money and poverty/hunger/homelessness) - comprise a total of 38%. Clearly Main Street is worried about money - theirs and the government handling of tax dollars. Also, dissatisfaction with government has been the #1 or #2 issue in the three polls since August, and combined with the abysmal polling numbers of the President and both political parties, it appears Americans are not happy with their status quo.


Hot button issues are represented on the list, too: healthcare at 8%, immigration/illegal aliens at 7%, Ebola debuts at 5%, Iraq and ISIS also at 5%. Respondents were asked what they feel is the biggest issue facing America, so while respondents are clearly concerned about these issues, we can't determine what "side" of the issue they find concerning (i.e. is healthcare an issue because of opposition to Obamacare/ACA, or because of rising insurance premiums, or because of support for ACA, or something else entirely?). On the other hand, "ethical/moral/family decline," which also is at 5% would seem to indicate respondents are opposed to ethical/moral/family decline. This has been essentially steady at 5 or 6% since August.


So what does this mean for the upcoming election? It looks like traditionally Republican issues are at the forefront, which probably indicates the oft-mentioned "wave" will materialize, and the GOP will likely retake the Senate. Should this happen, all eyes will be on the combined Republican House and Senate, as they have an opportunity to finally focus in on these issues that polling has repeatedly indicated we Americans feel are important. Will the Republican majorities pay attention to Main Street where the Democrats have not, or will they continue the past six years of pet projects like "gun control" and "the environment" (neither of which made the list)? Time - and Gallup - will tell.




And now, arnold has economic forecasting:

The DJIA looks as though it has in fact topped, but it is possible that there may be a small additional new nominal high.

Gold is probably having its last gasp of upside (maybe to $1350) and then we should fall below $1000.

Oil fell to test $80. We will break below $80, then we are looking at $60 and less.

The dollar has been performing well and has much further upside.

Interest rates have fallen, probably to the lows and will slowly start to rise.

Real estate pricing looks to have topped. In many markets sales are stalling and listing are increasing.

The economy continues to look weak to me. Today McDonalds again reported abysmal sales again and most retailers are not doing well; with the apparent exception of Chipolte (whose same store sales were up almost 20%). arnold has never eaten at Chipolte. arnold cannot understand why beans need to be fried once let alone twice.












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