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Progressives and Global Warming/Colding, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ September 16th, 2014



What is going on! It appears as though the United States is at war again and this time with another militant Islamic group. And then there is all this commotion about global warming. Many progressives see the risk of global warming to greater than the risk of militant Islamists. In terms of immediate threat, I would say that the risk of militant Islamists is definitely greater. There was an uproar over the melting of the Antarctic ice; yet today the ice is thicker and longer and bigger, than any time in history. Clearly, a major imminent threat. Yet, progressives are obsessed with global warming. Why, I just do not know. Global warming and or global colding is cyclical. We are probably looking at 10 to 20 years of much colder weather than usual. Then fifteen years from now, we will be hearing and reading about global colding as the biggest threat to person kind (so as not to be sexist).


The DJIA probably has peaked and should start to fall.

Gold looks lower. It could have one last push up, but doubtful.

Oil is down into the low $90's and should break below $90. Then watch out below.

Interest rates have started to rise back towards 2.6% and should continue to rise in fits and starts.

The dollar is at multi-month highs and should continue up.

Real estate pricing is peaking in most markets.

The economy looks really icky. (Icky is a new economic term). Not only is McDonald's continuing to have sales problems, but so is/are Walmart, Target and most of the big box retailers.




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