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NFL Spousal Abuse, the Alibaba IPO, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ September 23rd, 2014




Long time Arnold's Ramblings readers know that arnold does not usually comment on sports, but enough is enough. The saga with the NFL regarding spousal (or fiancee) abuse is just offensive. Now we have to determine the number of games a player sits out as a penalty for spousal abuse? Let us see. As Michael (my son) has railed on zero tolerance school policies for a five or six year old innocently drawing a gun or whatever, we can not have zero tolerance policies on spousal abuse when guilt is without question? Apparently not. So when is an action going too far for an NFL player? It would seem murder is unacceptable (at least by the New England Patriots) for when their player was implicated in a murder; Robert Kraft fired him. So, murder is unacceptable (to the New England Patriots); but what else?


It would seem that the markets may very well have peaked on Friday with the issuance of Alibaba's new IPO; the largest IPO in history. The IPO drained over $30 billion of purchasing power out of the markets and if this is not the high we are really close.


The DJIA appears to have peaked and should go much lower.

Gold does not seem to be able to experience a sustained rise. Consequently $1300 looks unlikely at this point.

Interest rates have risen some fallen back and are still over 2.5%.

The dollar has been rising and looks higher.

Oil is still in a trading range and should fall further.

Real estate pricing still looks high to me and I believe we have peaked in most all markets.

The economy still looks weak to me.














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