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Presidential Candidates Announce, Disagreement Double-Standards, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ April 14th, 2015



Now that Hillary Clinton has announced that she is a candidate for President of these United States and now that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have announced that they too are candidates; we, the American public will soon have about eighteen months of all kinds of political drama. Who will be the other announced candidates? Who will win Iowa? Who will win New Hampshire? Who will win Super Tuesday? This and other much less interesting developments will be nearly one half of the news broadcasts until Election Day November, 2016. And for just a bit of further drama the media will come up with all kinds of irrelevant and offensive "facts" about the candidates. It now appears that if one disagrees with Hillary Clinton; that means that the person disagreeing is sexist. We have been dealing with six years of that already: if one disagrees with any policies of President Obama (such as Obamacare) the one disagreeing is a racist. But, interestingly, President Obama said last week that if he disagrees with Prime Minister Netanyahu (of Israel), that is a policy disagreement - that does not make President Obama anti-Israel. I actually agree with President Obama: If you disagree with Prime Minister Netanyahu's policies, you disagree with Prime Minister Netanyahu's policies. You are not necessarily anti-Israel. If you disagree with President Obama's policies, you disagree with President Obama's policies. You are not necessarily a racist. If you disagree with Hillary Clinton, you are disagreeing with Hillary Clinton's policies. You are not necessarily a sexist.


The DJIA still should rise to 19000 or 20000.

The dollar is advancing and still has a long way to go.

Oil prices have risen to over $50, and still should drop, first to $40, then into the $30's.

Gold still can not rise much above $1200 and $1250 to $1300 would be the highest.

Interest rates are still in a tight trading range.

Real estate pricing is topping in virtually every market. Some of the actual sales prices being reported border on complete lunacy. (Remember the internet stocks in 1999-2000)

The economy still appears to be weak to me.












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