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A Look At the Immediate Future, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ August 19th, 2014



The world seems to be coming apart. There is, well, everything! We have the disorder in Ferguson, Missouri. We have the Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Gaza, other Middle East spots and if I chose to list probably another 30 to 50 locales around the world that are coming apart. It is just not a cheery time. Then we have the great thrill of the mid-term elections which will be followed within minutes by the commencement of the 2016 Presidential elections. The early expected Democrat winner is Hillary Clinton, for whom arnold is convinced will not run and the Republicans early people: Chris Christie and now Rick Perry have been undone by indictments or threatened indictments. So, this should not be a fun two years coming up.


The DJIA could still make nominal new highs, but looks significantly lower next year.

Gold is still floundering around. It may still rally to $1450 or so, but looks doubtful.

Oil still looks lower next year to maybe $60.

Interest rates have been falling with the 10 year Treasury now at below 2.4% and should rise at some point soon.

The dollar has been rallying some and looks stronger into next year.

Real estate pricing appears to be have peaked.

The economy is still plus or minus 0%.




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