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Political Correctness Run Amok, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ April 21st, 2015



Before I get started, I am asking you to stop and say thank you Arnold. Now say it with emotion. Real emotion! Ok! So; why are you thanking me? Because Michael had written a piece about political correctness and the issue of children who were playing outside and the parents were/are being charged with child abandonment. He remembers that when he was a child we let him play outdoors with his friends all of the time. And he had freedom. Now, I guess we couldn't do that; but the real issue is that the United States has changed since he was a child and since I was a child. When I grew up in the 12th century BC (oh! wait that's my mother-in-laws birth date); I used to walk a mile or more to school, all by myself. I we played baseball, basketball and all kinds of activities. But again that was centuries ago. Michael also had a similar experience as well. But today, children stay at home and play video games or on their computers. I believe the difference is expectations. When I was a child; and when Michael was a child we did not expect a problem. (Of course, my mother-in-law was almost burned at the stake). Now, society expects problems and we have problems.


On a daily basis we are faced with generalities which are almost always wrong. But people choose to believe them. When I graduated college, we did not make decisions based upon a generality. We had to experience the issue or the item or whatever rather than just accept a a generality. Today we are taught that all Republicans are anti-woman; all Republicans are anti-gay; all Republicans are evil; George W. Bush was/is stupid. So the vast majority believe this. Consider how ridiculous this is. George W. Bush graduated from Yale and earned a Harvard MBA. I should be so stupid! Yet, poll after poll states that the public believes that George W. Bush is stupid. And all Republicans are anti-woman. So all woman Republicans are against themselves? Ha? The Republicans I know are not anti-women. And all Republicans are anti-gay. Well, my experience is that there are about 10% of Republicans anti-gay and 10% of Democrats are anti-gay; about equal. And all Republicans are evil. Well, my mother-in-law used to be a registered Republican. Maybe; it was true, then but now she is a Democrat, so what does that mean?


It is just foolishness. Each person is his/her own self. Let's face it.


The DJIA still looks to be going to 20000 before the rise is over followed by a sharp, very sharp drop.

Gold looks to be going; maybe to $1500. I looked at the chart and for the first time in months the chart looks good.

The dollar is rising and will continue to do so.

Interest rates are still in a tight trading range.

Oil still looks to be going to $40 and then into the low $30's, but first it may test $60.

Real estate pricing is peaking in virtually every market.

The economy looks yucky (and again, that is technical economic term).











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