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arnold Is Being Negative – The Ecomomy Is Not Strong, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ April 22nd, 2014



Today McDonald's reported earnings and guess what? Same store sales in the United states were down over 1%. The "analysts" are stating that this is due to more customers buying the $1 menu. Maybe, but this does not indicate to arnold a strong economy. Besides, arnold hadn't been to a McDonalds in years except for a getting ice tea one day and arnold was shocked (shocked I tell you, shocked) that a quarter pound with cheese was $4.99. That was truly a surprise. You can get a 10 ounce burger with fries at Ruth's Chris during happy hour for $7! Go know!


Sales for most of America's major retailers are not really rising. Contrary to what the media and Wall Street analysts say, this does not indicate a strong economy. Using McDonald's as an example, with same store sales down almost 2% and a stated inflation rate of about 2%, this indicates a real decline in sales of a least 4%. This is not growth and is indicative of a stalled economy.


arnold is being negative again. This is the refrain from many of my long time readers. This is not negative; it is fact. The McDonald's numbers were reported today. You may go to or and confirm the information. These are the facts. What is more startling is that McDonald's stock which is about $90 per share will probably be up or down $1 today.


The DJIA still looks to be rising to plus or minus 17000.

Gold should still reach $1550 plus or minus.

Oil is now about $105 and could still reach $125.

The dollar is still at the bottom of its trading range.

Interest rates have risen only slightly to 2.72% on the 10 year Treasury.

Real estate pricing is clearly topping, the monthly price increases in many markets exceed prior multi-year increases.

The economy as shown above continues to look weak.




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