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Bill Cosby and Innocence Until Proven Guilty, Economic Forecasting

By Administrator ~ November 25th, 2014



arnold has given a great deal of thought to the situation faced by Dr. Bill Cosby, who is accused of raping and or sexually assaulting at least 14 women, but the number keeps rising. Clearly arnold does not know whether Dr. Cosby is innocent or guilty, but the allegations were investigated by the police over ten years ago and no charges were brought because there was no evidence. That still does not mean that Dr. Cosby is innocent or guilty; only the women accusers and Dr. Cosby know the truth. But, in the United States, we have this doctrine that you are innocent until proven guilty. Since there will be no prosecution, clearly Dr. Cosby will never be convicted of rape or sexual assault. While this does not mean that he is innocent (or guilty for that matter), it does mean that this allegations should not be made and that the media report unsubstantiated stories and make continued attacks on Dr. Cosby. So that there is no misunderstanding, these kinds of allegations that are completely unsubstantiated should not be made against anyone.


arnold never thought that Dr. Cosby was funny; and did not like any of his television programs, but as Progressives would say there is a thing called "fairness." Fairness means that you do not destroy someone on unsubstantiated rumors. And of course, unsubstantiated rumors can be used against anyone once the atmosphere that allows it, continues.


The DJIA continues to rise slowly, but steadily. As any regular reader of Arnold’s Ramblings is aware, arnold believed and still believes the market has peaked. Yet, the market does not seem to understand this. So, arnold is making an appeal to the market. "Market, you are making me look bad." So stated a humble arnold.

Gold still looks lower to at least $1000.

Oil looks to be moving down to $60.

The dollar is rising and steadily, and has a lot more to go.

Interest rates are still in a tight low range.

Real estate appears to be topping in virtually every market.

The economy even with the third quarter revision today at almost 3%, still seems weak to me.












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